One IDE, All Platforms

Open Source

The IDE component is available as an open source project (built with web technologies) on GitHub or Stay updated on Twitter.


This app turns any Chromebook or PC into a full-blown development environment for opening local and cloud projects.


Create powerful development environments in the cloud with a collaborative, online/offline IDE for your collaborators and your teams.

Desktop Applications

Mac OS X

Requires OS X 10.7+ Lion or Newer


Linux 32 bits

Perfect on Ubuntu / Linux Mint / CentOS


Linux 64 bits

Perfect on Ubuntu / Linux Mint / CentOS


Google Chrome

Perfect on Chrome and Chromebook (Chrome OS)


Perfect use cases

Remote team working

Codebox allows all programmers to share the same consitent environment. Removing setup hassles.


Drastically speedup freelancing projects, thanks to enhanced collaboration. And have a record of your freelancer's activity.

Pair Programming

With full realtime collaboration, remote pair programming is painless: collaborative editor and video chat.

Job interviews

A cloud IDE gives you the right collaboration tools and environment to conduct job interviews.

Learning programming

A cloud IDE removes all the frustration of setting up environments and tools from beginners, allowing them to focus on learning.

Teaching programming

Teachers can share their environments and samples, making it a great way to give students quickstarts for their assignments.

Learn more about some cool features.

Realtime Collaboration

Edit code with a collaborative editor just like Google Docs. The way you code together will never be the same again.

Run Anything

We provide full virtual machines giving you the full power of terminals entirely in the browser (even sudo access!).

Code Completion

Code completion appears just as you type. It makes it faster and easy to code.


Are you on the dark or light side? With Codebox you can choose whatever you prefer .


In one click, Codebox auto detects your project type and runs it. You can contribute to add more supported technologies on GitHub.


Stuck in the train in middle of nowhere? Code even when you're offline. Your code will be synchronized upon reconnection.

Cross Platforms

The Cloud IDE runs on your desktop, laptop, chromebook and tablet.

GIT Workflow

Each environment provides you with the best tools and cutting edge technology including GIT (supports also Mercurial).


An advanced graphical debugger helps find and resolve errors in your code.




  • Limited to 1 boxes
  • Limited to 1 collaborator
  • Open source projects
  • 256mb boxes


$ 9.00/month

  • Limited to 10 boxes
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Open source projects
  • Private projects
  • Activity Reports
  • 512mb boxes


Contact us

  • Unlimited boxes
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Open source projects
  • Private projects
  • Activity Reports
  • Collaboration Reports
  • 512mb boxes